Wednesday, November 9, 2011


  The Tarot Maximo is a project I began in May of 2011 with the intent of building a personal visionary Tarot deck. Artwork for all 78 cards was digitally created using ARTRAGE 3.5 to combine photographs and hand-painted art, the entire deck taking just over 6 months to complete.
   There are many ways to interpret the Tarot.  I did my best to closely represent the traditional archetypal imagery of the popular Rider-Waite deck so that these tools will feel familiar to anyone who has worked before with the Tarot. To strength the visual association with the imagery, I've forgone all the titles of the cards, so you will want to familiarize yourself with each card before using the deck.
   I had great fun creating this tarot deck and bonding with each card's concepts, so I hope they prove just as useful to you and your workings.
  ~ Most sincerely,     Anthony Max


I am an artist, not a writer. I wouldn't begin to know how to write a manual on the either the history of the Tarot or it's usage. That is a journey of self-discovery that I will leave to you, but I have included a brief descriptions of each card from my private notes which should aid you in deciphering the symbolism.
We'll begin with the Major Arcana-- the 22 trump cards of the deck with a rich history behind each figure. In the Tarot Maximo, each Major Arcanum symbolizes a significant experience along our Fool's quest to discover the World he inhabits.